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Occupation: High school math teacher at Lee High School in Staunton. cities and Counties he represents: Carter is vying for the Democratic nomination in the 50th District. Contact info: 571-466-8428- kathytranforva. Education: Bachelor's degree in economics & mathematics at Georgia State University in Atlanta master's degree in economics at Georgia State University. The district includes cities of Dumfries, Stafford counties, Fauquier and Fairfax and Prince William, Manassas Park-, Manassas and Fredericksburg.

Dan has worked really hard to safeguard the health of the Bull Run watershed. Dan Will Fight to Preserve Our Rivers. Dan Will provide High Speed Internet to Rural Areas. Dan feels high speed net is an economic problem for rural and urban areas and has now worked to find strategies to deliver it to other parts of the district. He helped secure 100 million in order to modernize our sewer systems and also to preserve our planet. This academic endeavor equipped him with advanced information in public policy and administration, complimentary his military experience.

After finishing the military service of his, Helmer pursued extra schooling, earning a Master of Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School. In addition, it provided him with a broader understanding of the systemic issues affecting society, www.linkedin.com that would later inform his legislative work. Barbara Comstock (R) has participated in 241 committees since taking office. Click on a hearing to perceive what she said.

During congressional committee hearings, every part has an one chance to contribute the opinion of theirs and be involved in a question and answer period with all the speakers. Find out what the Representative from the 10th District of Virginia is doing making an improvement. Candidate for US Representative from the 10th District. Dan Helmer policy details. Learn more about the role of theirs on the topics you care about by following the activity of theirs in other parts of politics.

This particular prospect has not yet shared their policy on this issue with us. I was responsible for the progress and the end of numerous projects. I was the only person on a group of several people. I am an immensely hard worker. What do you believe is the primary challenge you have encountered in your career? What do you imagine your colleagues respect most about you? "We have a responsibility to people who risked the day of theirs, for treating them with integrity and compassion after they return home," she said.

She also voted for a bill that would broaden the meaning of family for many veterans' dependents to involve some person of marriageable age which were living along with the veteran as a dependent in the living space, and also for a bill which would allow for a new license plate for veterans killed in combat or shot during combat.