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China Drying & Smelting manufacturers Bailing silica sand dryer is made of 304 stainless steel material, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant. It will not cause secondary pollution to materials. It has large output, low energy consumption and low maintenance. It can bake blocks of 20-40 mm or less. For pellets and powder materials, the material with 15% initial moisture can be dried to a final moisture content of 0.5-1% or less.
鈱?Feed moisture 鈱嬶細鈮?5%
鈱?Production capacity 鈱嬶細3-80 t/h
鈱?Application range 鈱嬶細It is mainly used in quartz sand and corrosive materials, and is widely used in building materials, glass, metallurgy, chemical industry and cement industry.
High environmental protection
The multi-stage dust removal method is adopted, and the exhaust gas is cleanly discharged, which fully meets the requirements of national environmental protection standards.
Low energy consumption
Reasonable operating parameters are selected for the dryer in our factory. The coal consumption and electricity consumption are reduced by 20-30% compared with the general dryer.
High production capacity
The output increased by more than 20%, which has been widely used in cement and mineral processing enterprises.
Bailing silica sand dryer is made up of cylinder, front roller ring, rear roller ring, gear, roller, drag roller, pinion, discharge part, lifting plate, reducer, motor, hot air duct, feed chute, the furnace body and so on.
In practical applications, the quartz sand dryer production line supporting equipment mainly includes gas generator, combustion chamber, supporting hoist, disc feeder (can be enlarged), belt conveyor (can be lengthened and widened), dryer main unit, Hot air stove, blower, dust removal system (cyclone dust collector and water dust removal) linear vibrating screen and other components.
The quartz sand enters the inner layer of the rotary drum of the three-cylinder dryer by the feeding device, and realizes the downstream drying. The material is continuously copied and scattered under the inner layer of the copying plate to realize the heat exchange, and the material moves to the inner layer. The other end enters the middle layer and is subjected to counter current drying. The quartz sand is repeatedly raised in the middle layer and is in a two-step step backward. The quartz sand absorbs the heat radiated from the inner roller and absorbs the middle roller in the middle layer. The heat is also extended by the drying time, where the quartz sand is optimally dried.China Drying & Smelting manufacturers