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Europe Type Switch Made in China Specifications:
Color: White, Black, Grey, Support customization
Material: Fireproof聽PC material is safer聽
Life Cycles: 40k+聽Times
Max. Current: 10A
Max. Voltage: 250VAC
OEM: Support

Selling Points:
1.聽Multiple options for different needs: one way switch with light/two gang switch with light/one pin switch/two pin switch/three pin switch. Multiple colors available and support customization.
2.聽Two gang switch with light has super long life cycles, up to 40k+聽Times: Polymer reinforcement material is adopted, fireproof PC is safer to be used at home/school/office/hotel.
3.聽Production Capacity: We have a large factory area with up to 700 employees and a daily output of up to 20,000 pcs.
4.聽The Best Offer of two way switch with light in the market: Welcome to compare the price, welcome to consult the price.

Installing the wall switch is an essential step in every home decoration, so how to install the two gang switch with light on the wall?
1. You should first recognize the power wiring in your home. According to our country's regulations, red, green, and yellow represent the three-phase live wire, blue represents the neutral wire (neutral wire), and yellow and green are the ground wire (protection wire). ).
2. Make the corresponding wiring according to the function of the wall switch. The electrical phase sequence is left zero and right fire grounding.
3. It should be noted that the ground wire must not be connected to the live wire or the neutral wire, it will cause a safety accident, and the live wire and the neutral wire can be used in reverse, but there are potential safety hazards.Europe Type Switch Made in China