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Wholesale Energy Recovery Ventilation Of all the chemicals tested by the environmental agency, only two have higher concentrations indoors than outdoors, where particle pollutants are 5 to 10 times higher than outdoors. According to statistics, four out of ten children will suffer from some form of respiratory disease due to poor indoor air quality. Modern people spend 90% of their time indoors, and keeping indoor air healthy and fresh is crucial to ensuring the health of our families and children. Therefore, more and more people choose to use an energy recovery ventilator.

As a Chinese ventilation equipment manufacturer, we provide OEM and ODM services to our customers.
This is our self-developed product, welcome to contact us to customize the style, we have a strong and professional team of engineers.

20min20min MAX speed exchange ventilation then comes back to its previous mode
40min40min MAX speed exchange ventilation then comes back to its previous mode
60min60min MAX speed exchange ventilation then comes back to its previous mode

鈼?Bidirectional flow ventilation
鈼?High efficiency EC motor
鈼?Exchange temp. & humidity & heat
鈼?EPS structure
鈼?High air tightness design
鈼?Auto defrost function
鈼?Fresh air motor and exhaust air motor can be set by user seperately
鈼?Primary filters X 2pcs
鈼?Thicken Metal housing
鈼?Adopt New Graphene Material ERV Core

For other configuration of the Ceiling type ERV unit, see lineup below:
Recovery typeERV/HRV
Exchange rate (CFM)80
Position of portsSide
Port diameterRound, 5 in.
FilterPrimary filters x2pcs
Unit Size575X558X224mm
CertificateERV with UL no now, but can be done if need
Please contact us to get full data sheet.

Zhongshan Aden Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based firm focusing on ventilation and air purification area integrated with product R&D, manufacturing and sales. We have passed a series of certifications such as ISO9001:2008, 3C, CE, RoHS. Our main products include ventilation exchanger, ERV, HRV, pipeline blower, duct fan, axial fan, centrifugal fan, air curtain, air purifier, fan motor and so on.

Our company has modern standard workshops, advanced production equipment, and product research laboratory satisfying the production. We provide customers with innovative, attractive, convenient products and services relying on years of in-depth research and technology accumulation in the ventilation and air purification field.

Welcome to visit our factory!

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Wholesale Energy Recovery Ventilation