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Oxide suppliers Description
Brown amorphous powder. Insoluble in water, soluble in hot concentrated acid. Terbium oxide is an inorganic chemical used as a phosphor, especially in X-ray phosphor screens. It emits green or blue light based on the main lattice. Terbium hydroxide is produced by the reaction of solution of terbium nitrate or terbium carbonate or terbium sulfate with sodium hydroxide. After filtration and burning, terbium oxide is produced.
Application Area
As an additive to magnetic materials and phosphor; It can be used as the additive of yttrium iron and yttrium aluminum garnet, as the raw material for the production of metal terbium, as the activator of phosphor powder and as the fluorescent body for X-ray sensitized paper. Reagents for scientific research, biochemical research; Used as an activator of fluorescent materials and admixture of garnet.
Product Introduction
Product NamePurity
Terbium Oxide99%
99.99%Oxide suppliers