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Telepathic Animal Communication: Have You Talked with Rover Today?


Consider the dog that runs to the door to go for a walk when all you did was think about it. Or the dog that disappears when it’s bath time. The dog that starts dancing around (or moping) when you think about packing for the next dog show or business trip. All you did was think about the impending activity, and they responded. They are sensitive to your thoughts, mental images (projections), emotions and intentions. When it’s about them, they most likely will do an action that confirms they received the message or the energy you projected, consciously or not.

What about those times you’re intensely focused on something like reading a book, working at the computer, or talking on the phone. From (seemingly) nowhere the thought pops in, “I should take Rover for a walk.” Or “it’s time to feed Rover his dinner” (and you weren’t looking at the clock). Where (actually who) do you think the thought came from? You were focused on something completely unrelated. Yes, it came from your dog. How about when you just know there’s something wrong with them but there aren’t any obvious signs? How is it you know they’re not okay? You’re intuitively or telepathically receiving information from them that is not based on body language (although that certainly does provide information at times).

As an Animal Communicator, I telepathically “meet” animals all over the world, even though I live in Texas. (I rarely get to physically meet my clients.) Telepathic communication is not restricted by distance. We all have the ability to telepathically communicate with others, whether animal or human. It’s an innate ability, not something only the gifted few can do. However, as children we were probably told that we didn’t “hear” the dog say that (actually, yes, it did), or that “imaginary” playmate doesn’t really exist (actually, it does), or we couldn’t have “seen” something because the adult didn’t see it (actually, their eyes weren’t focused right). So we close off to the ability because we’re not supported for it. Then at some point we wish we could understand our animal friends better, but we don’t know how.

My path has led me to teaching others how to do that. Fear is what stops most people from exploring this incredible way of connecting with animals. That, and lack of trust in their ability to be accurate as well as what people might think. I point out that they regularly, but perhaps not consciously, communicate with their animal friends. Here’s why. It is practically impossible to live with another being for any length of time without becoming intuitively connected with them. You come to understand things about them that are beyond observing behavior, body language and attitude. Information comes to you telepathically in any number of ways, including words or sounds, thoughtforms, sensations, feelings, images, and a sense of knowing something without knowing how you know it.

After reading that, do you doubt that you telepathically communicate with your dog? I hope not. You receive information from your dog and convey information to them at the telepathic level on a regular basis. You’ve been doing it all along, perhaps just not with intent. Clients often confirm this for themselves when they say, “that’s what I thought but I wasn’t sure if I was making it up”. Communication students have the same concern, so they’re amazed at how accurately they receive information from a live animal or picture of an animal they’ve never met and know nothing about. I am delighted every time the light bulb goes off and they realize they really can do this! It really is an innate ability, not “weird-n-woo-woo” stuff.

I want to share a quick story with you. I talked with a very personable two year old Weimaraner named Dylan who lives in Kansas with his person, Laura. Laura had been showing Dylan in conformation and he was doing pretty well, but there was room for improvement. She asked me to convey to him what was needed, including that he let the judge look at his teeth without fidgeting. I asked him, “Do you have a problem with the judge touching you and looking at your teeth?” He replied, “Yes, a bit. I mean, they don’t live with me so I don’t think they should be touching me like that” [looking at his teeth]. I said, “I understand it’s kind of strange, to have an unknown person do that to you, but it’s harmless. They want to see how pretty and clean your teeth are and how they line up in your mouth.” He very truthfully (and with genuine curiosity) said, “Why? That’s none of their business, is it?”

Dylan had a very valid point, from his perspective! At the end of our conversation, I asked him, “Is there anything you would like to ask, or to add, before we close?” He replied, “Oh, sure! Tell her that I’ll try to do better at that show stuff. I know it means a lot to her, it’s just not easy for me to get into it because it’s not what I want to do. I think it’s kind of silly, really. If people want to see me, they can just come on over, we don’t have to go to those events.” He was quite open to entertaining at home! Dylan didn’t care about points and titles, he just wanted to be sociable. The session helped Laura understand Dylan better, and helped him understand why things happen the way they do in the show ring so he could cooperate instead of react.

Some dogs really love showing, some don’t. If your dog is not performing as you hope, ask yourself whether you can do anything to improve the situation for them, make it more appealing or interesting, or less stressful, or whatever is needed. For Dylan, he needed to understand why the judge wanted to look at his teeth (I explained it to him). He really felt that was an intrusion, and not necessary. He didn’t understand the rules. Explain to your dog what it is you’re asking them to do and why. They aren’t born with the show rules in hand, and some of the things we ask them to do make no logical sense from their perspective. (And if you look at it from their perspective, they don’t!). Explaining to them what’s wanted, and projecting mental images of them doing exactly that, can help them put your requests into context, and perhaps they’ll be more willing to give you the requested response.

Behavioral, emotional, performance and health issues, the euthanasia question, and a myriad of other subjects can be explored via telepathic communication. Lost animals and animals in spirit can be telepathically communicated with as well. There is no limit to how this ability/tool can be helpful and enlightening to you and your dog.

Books, workshops, and teleclasses about animal communication are available worldwide to help you reconnect with this ability. As well, there are professional communicators who can help you and your dog better understand one another, which will deepen your bond in a unique way. I encourage you to suspend any skepticism you may have and explore this fascinating realm with an open mind. If you ultimately choose to experience the benefits and rewards of telepathic communication, whether learning to do this yourself or working with a professional communicator, you may find yourself wondering why you didn’t do it sooner!


Author: Kathleen Bernard

[Published in August 2006 issue of New Zealand Kennel Gazette]

November 18, 2012 |

If You Could Hear Your Animal Speak To You, What Would The Message Be?


It’s mind boggling to think about, I know. But just for a moment, imagine how your life would change if you could communicate with your dog, cat or horse.  What if you could leap across all boundaries and discover your sense of connection with your animal friends…and the whole circle of life?

I must confess I love seeing people just like you re-remember a long forgotten language – talking and listening telepathically from the mind and heart.  Nothing gives me more satisfaction.

What really excites me is that I know it’s possible for you to do the same.

I understand if you’re skeptical.  As a matter of fact, I encourage skepticism.  You should listen and observe with your heart, but not be so open your common sense falls out!

Perhaps you’ve heard from family or friends that telepathic communication is some kind of far-fetched “woo-woo” magic for strange people with purple robes and crystal balls. Nothing could be further from the truth!  I’m a just a Texas gal at heart that grew up surrounded by all kinds of creatures – and I don’t even own a purple robe. Truth be told, I’m probably a lot like you.

I know this because the fact that you’re reading this article tells me three things about you…

  1. You are enlightened and willing to consider that animals truly do have wisdom and knowing worth exploring.
  2. You want to better understand and improve your relationship with your animal.
  3. You and your pet may be struggling with health or behavior problems and you’re wondering what in the world to try next.

As an animal communicator, I’m truly concerned that you most likely aren’t getting the answers you want and deserve in your search for a better relationship with your animal friend.

So many of my clients have been exactly where you may be right now; struggling with relationship or behavior issues that spill over into other aspects of your life. And I know it would be easy to turn away from this, thinking you’ve tried everything and there simply isn’t hope for your situation.

That simply isn’t true!  In fact, if you’re floundering in a wilderness of confusion right now, the first thing you must know is…

Animals Want To Be Heard!

Animals are telepathic.  They can see what is in your mind’s eye, and feel what you are feeling.  Have you ever noticed how Fido disappears when it’s time to go to the Vet?  Or how your pet appears almost magically when you have something good to eat?  This isn’t an accident or a coincidence.  If they are paying attention, they always know what’s going on.

They also want to help you. They do NOT want or need to be “fixed” because there’s nothing wrong with them. They DO need you to listen to and acknowledge them.

All You Have To Do Is Open Your Heart And Mind

You don’t have to have all the answers but you do need to have the heart to open up, listen, and be present with them.

Chances are if you have a heart’s desire to develop your telepathic abilities, you may be thinking something like this…

  • “My animals matter to me!  I want to be more aware of them and understand how they think.”
  • “I think animals understand us more than we understand them.  They seem to have a wisdom that I wish they would share with me.”
  • “Sometimes I feel my animal is trying to tell me something but I just can’t get it.”
  • “I want to know what my animals need and want from me.  How they are feeling, if there is something physically wrong – or if they can help me in some way.”
  • “I want to be closer to my animals, to be able to connect at a deeper, richer level.  I want to add a whole extra dimension to my life.”

All these things are possible and happen quite naturally when you connect with the fellow beings that share our planet.  Instead of experiencing life only from the lens of your perspective, you expand your awareness of all creation and introduce a new dimension to your world.  Imagine how thrilling that would be!

And once you open the doors to communication you and your animal can address…

  • Health issues
  • Emotional issues
  • Changing family structures
  • Performance
  • Euthanasia decisions
  • Death and dying
  • How to reconnect after leaving this world

Perhaps until now, you never thought to give your animal a voice in these situations that so drastically affects them.

It’s one of the most troubling aspects of trying to care for your animal. Because as much as you love them, you can’t give them the best possible life because so much of their world is closed off to you.  You second-guess what may be troubling them, but in the end, you’re probably just shooting in the dark.

It is crucially important that you “get this” – because no matter how you define the problems you’re having right now, once you open your mind and heart to communicating with them, everything changes!

But you do need to be involved in the process.  It’s not a quick fix that happens over night.  This is something you have to be committed to in order to re-discover your God given telepathic abilities.  And when you learn to talk and listen to your animal…

Your Life Can Be Transformed In Ways You Never Dreamed Possible


Bio: Val HeartThe Real Dr Doolittle, Val is internationally known as an expert animal communicator, teacher, author & master healer specializing in resolving behavior, training, performance, and health problems, and assisting with end of life situations.  Learn Animal Communication in One Weekend™ Virtual Retreat

November 18, 2012 |

Do Animal Communicators Work – Discover Why the Answer is an Emphatic Yes!


You know that your animal tries to tell you things every day. However, what if you don’t know how to spot a bad habit that comes from a reaction to emotional trauma, or whether they are experiencing physical pain, illness or discomfort? Even the most caring, loving owners mistakenly do things all the time that adversely affects their animals.

That’s why if you go to a vet or a trainer before you have a discussion with them, you can actually hurt them! They may wind up being misdiagnosed or mistreated, because they could be in reaction to an emotional, mental or management problem that has nothing to do with a physical problem.

Do you know something is wrong with your horse or dog, but you haven’t been able to discover what it is, or how to resolve it? Maybe it’s a behavior problem, training issue, you’re having trouble advancing to the next training level, you suffer performance anxiety (or your horse or dog does)? Maybe you are struggling with a mystery lameness issue or health problem?

How do you know what is really wrong unless you communicate directly with your animal?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get inside your animals head, if you could understand them, what they are thinking or feeling, why they do the things they do? Listen to their wisdom? Share their experiences? Ask them to help you help them by becoming a willing participant in problem resolution?

I also bet that you didn’t know that your own emotional, physical, mental and energetic issues are affecting your animals? That’s right. Your own imbalances, mental and emotional states of being, physical health or illness, personal tragedies, traumas and woundings affect them dramatically at many levels.

Often the problems that seem to be coming from your animals are actually your personal issues, because your animal is always reflecting or are in reaction to something you are doing (or not doing). They will react to disturbances in their environment. Or they are simply trying to help you by carrying your own illness within their own body. It has been seen many times where animals carry the same cancers and other diseases and chronic pain that their humans wind up with.

Where to Begin

First: Communicate with your animal directly to get the real issues straight from them. Animals always do what makes sense to them, from their viewpoint. Our first job is to discover what is actually needed and what’s not, what helps and what doesn’t.

Second: Create a plan with their participation outlining how to best resolve the issue based on what they tell us. This could be veterinarian intervention, or it could be a change in management including diet, handling, or training. And, if your animal does need medical assistance, give them a voice to express how they are feeling, what hurts, and to let us know if what your vet or trainer is doing for them is helping them or not.

Third: Address your own emotional, mental and physical issues directly to create more balance, sanity, clarity and peace. Discover how your issues are involved in their problem, and what you can do to change things between you.

I think that we can all agree that being able to communicate effectively with your animal friends is very serious indeed. Because, if you aren’t in alignment with your horse, you can both die! Or your dog could wind up dead because they hurt someone out of fear or misunderstanding, or did something stupid that they didn’t know what the consequences would be, like running in the street or getting hit by a car, or trying to play with the moving stick on the ground that turned out to be a snake or possibly eating something that was poison.

Animal communicators are trained and gifted in bridging the communication gap between you and your animal friend. You can also learn how to communicate yourself. There are clues that you can watch out for that will give you a better idea of what your animals are thinking and feeling. Learning to communicate with your loved ones is a not as difficult as you may think.

There are resources available that make this task much easier. Your animal communicator can help you by directing you to available resources and most likely he or she will have created their own learning models that will help you move forward in learning to speak with your animal friends in a way that will have them clearly understanding you. Wouldn’t it be great if you asked your animal friends how they feel that they could actually tell you and you could understand them? That can be a reality for you!


Bio:  Val Heart – Internationally known expert animal communicator, teacher, author & master healer, Val is called The Real Dr Doolittle, & Animal Communicator to the Stars.  Resolving behavior, training, performance, health, working with euthanasia. Free AnimalTalk QuickStart Course, The Real Dr Doolittle (podcast) Show now on iTunes!  For your Complimentary Happy Animal Assessment Session, call (210) 863-7928,  visit

November 18, 2012 |
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