Telepathic Animal Communication: Have You Talked with Rover Today?

Consider the dog that runs to the door to go for a walk when all you did was think about it. Or the dog that disappears when it’s bath time. The dog that starts dancing around (or moping) when you think about packing for the next dog show or business trip. All you did was think about the impending activity, and they responded. They are sensitive to your thoughts, mental images (projections), emotions and intentions. When it’s about them, they most likely will do an action that confirms they received the message or the energy you projected, consciously or not.

What about those times you’re intensely focused on something like reading a book, working at the computer, or talking on the phone. From (seemingly) nowhere the thought pops in, “I should take Rover for a walk.” Or “it’s time to feed Rover his dinner” (and you weren’t looking at the clock). Where (actually who) do you think the thought came from? You were focused on something completely unrelated. …
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