I realized years ago that if I wasn’t doing something I felt passionate about, then I was not “walking my path”. So after many years in Corporate America, much of that as a Paralegal, I reevaluated my life and what truly gave me a deep sense of happiness, contentment, satisfaction and accomplishment. This brought me back to the animals (it’s always been the animals) and helping them and their beloved people. I looked closely at how I could be of service in a way that would resonate peacefully within me and be beneficial to not only those I assist, but to myself as well (meaning: something I would love to do and not consider it “work”). The result was the services I currently provide (which will continue to expand or change over time, see Services Offered page).

I truly love helping animals and people in whatever way I can. I do wish I were five of me, or days were 48 hours long, so I could get more done! Assisting people and animals in various ways is in alignment with my life path, is my contribution to the Universe (i.e. being in service to others to bring enlightenment, knowledge, comfort, guidance, encouragement, or whatever is needed, to the best of my ability), and an expression of my appreciation for the divinity within each of us.


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