“Listening with my Heart to help you and your animals achieve win/win solutions.”

Animal Communicator, Certified Multidimensional Energy Healer, Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner, Spiritual Empowerment Coaching™, Light Worker, and Teacher.

Nedda helps you and your animals develop a “plan of action” leading to successful resolutions. Your animal hears your voice through Nedda. You can be on vacation, at work, and the animal will still hear and feel the connection with you.

Nedda helps clients and their animals develop a “PLAN OF ACTION” to …

— Solve behavior issues.
— Clear emotional issues.
— Resolve animal conflicts.
— Integrate new animals.
— Prepare for life changes.
— Say goodbye and grieve when an animal transitions.
— Complete unfinished business with an animal in spirit.
— Resolve training and breeding situations.

Animal Specialties

— All types of animals in nearly all kinds of situations.
— Exception: I am no longer doing missing animal cases.
— Intuitive multidimensional healing for animals.
— Flower Essences – selection and use
— Referrals to appropriate alternative healing systems.

Animal Services – Private Sessions

— Distance Animal Communication
— Distance Multidimensional Energy Healing for Animals


— “Telepathy with Animals” (TWA) – a series of Animal Communication teleclasses.
— Communication with Trees and Nature Spirits
— A variety of courses on Ascension and Spiritual Empowerment.

Human Services – Private Sessions:

— Spiritual Empowerment Coaching™
— Body Scans “Metaphysical Resonance Imaging™”
— Akashic Record Consultations
— Private Mentoring for AC Professionals

Sessions by phone, Zoom, or Skype: 860-651-5771
EMAIL: neddaw@sbcglobal.net;


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