Who Are Animals Really?

Are they so different from us? Humans have traditionally held themselves as being separate and more intelligent (read “important”) than other Beings. They perceived animals to be different ("they don’t talk or look like we do; therefore, they are obviously inferior to us"). Until recently, this has been easy to believe where animals are concerned. They cannot speak “the language” like we do (of course, they don’t have the vocal apparatus humans do which makes this feat basically impossible!). And, after all, humans can often control, dominate and manipulate them. However, recent studies have shown that animals are much more intelligent than previously thought, and in fact, may surpass human intelligence in some ways. Researchers have observed multiple levels, methods and types of communication that were heretofore unknown and unsuspected. Animals (and plants) use a variety of communication techniques to converse with each other. Alternate frequencies, projections, s…
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