Are they so different from us?

Humans have traditionally held themselves as being separate and more intelligent (read “important”) than other Beings. They perceived animals to be different (“they don’t talk or look like we do; therefore, they are obviously inferior to us”).

Until recently, this has been easy to believe where animals are concerned. They cannot speak “the language” like we do (of course, they don’t have the vocal apparatus humans do which makes this feat basically impossible!). And, after all, humans can often control, dominate and manipulate them.

However, recent studies have shown that animals are much more intelligent than previously thought, and in fact, may surpass human intelligence in some ways. Researchers have observed multiple levels, methods and types of communication that were heretofore unknown and unsuspected.

Animals (and plants) use a variety of communication techniques to converse with each other. Alternate frequencies, projections, sounds and body language have been observed, and researchers now know there are additional variables that have yet to be discovered. I believe that these variables are telepathic in nature, and that every Being is born with the ability to communicate on this level.

Every animal lover knows they have a special communication connection with the animals in their lives. Many young children can “hear” animals talk and can talk back – that is, until their parents convince them that this isn’t possible and they are being silly. When we succeed in conforming our communication to the accepted modes of speech used by other humans, we shut ourselves down and begin to box up other species into neat packages that we can then pretend to manipulate and control. And, sadly, we lose an important part of ourselves and our connection with all of Life.

Communicating with other species is like this: If I took an entire experience I had had, complete with feelings, visions, sounds, scents, thoughts, concepts and actions, and gave it to you, from my heart to your heart, and you could experience it almost as if you had been there with me – then you would know what true communication is all about. Is this possible? You bet it is. I have been doing it in my work as an animal communicator with surprising and wonderful results.

Have you ever …
… wondered what your pet was thinking?
… felt certain your pet was trying to communicate with you
but couldn’t understand what they were trying to tell you?
… wished that you could simply explain to your pets what you wanted from them?
… wondered why your pet did what they did (and maybe how you can
get them to shop doing that)?
… wished they could tell you where or how much they hurt?
… thought about what life is like from their point of view?

Animals are telepathic. They can see what is in your mind’s eye, and feel what you are feeling. Have you ever noticed how Fido disappears when it is time to go to the Vet? Or how your pet appears almost magically when you have something good to eat? This isn’t an accident or a coincidence. If they are paying attention, they always know what is going on with us.

Do you have something you have been trying to get across to your animal? I tell my Clients to use this technique. Create a movie video in your imagination of exactly what you want them to know, complete with emotions and feelings. Try not to get too complicated at first, just concentrate on what you want them to understand or do.

This technique can be extremely helpful in training situations, in preparing pets for changes in their lives, and in explaining what you need to make you happy with them. Of course, this is only a one-way communication – not a dialog, but it’s a beginning. Many times they need to tell us something before they can (or are willing to) comply with our wishes.

Learning to truly hear and feel again, and how to share life experiences with others is a priceless gift – one which many of our companion animals wish to give us. Many Beings actually choose to spend their entire lives attempting to break through our barriers – to help us heal and become reconnected again with all of Life.

What if all creation contained a Divine Spark and God dwelled in each and every living thing, regardless of body shape or function? What if each separate Being was really like every other Being – the only difference was the type of body through which life was experienced? What if all Creation shared common essence, feelings and needs?

Many of us live with master teachers, healers and seekers disguised as animals. As a master animal communicator and pet psychic it is my gift and privilege to recognize the many gifts that animals truly do bring to our lives and to the planet as a whole.

Who are you living with?


Bio:  Val Heart – Internationally known expert animal communicator, teacher, author & master healer, Val is called The Real Dr Doolittle, & Animal Communicator to the Stars.  Resolving behavior, training, performance, health, working with euthanasia. Free AnimalTalk QuickStart Course, The Real Dr Doolittle (podcast) Show now on iTunes!  For your Complimentary Happy Animal Assessment Session, call (210) 863-7928,  visit

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