Karen is an internationally respected telepathic healer/communicator for humans and animals. She is a Master Multidimensional Healer, a published author, teacher, workshop facilitator, transformational living facilitator, speaker, and radio show guest.

She has been a featured presenter at the Equine Affaire in Springfield Ma., the UConn Horse Symposium in Storrs Ct., the Bozeman Health Expo in Bozeman Mt., the Dog Obedience Program at the Montana State Women’s Prison in Billings Mt., and Yellowstone Dog Sports in Roberts Mt. She also works with several veterinarians as a consultant.

Karen could hear unspoken messages from animals and humans as a child. She has been professionally communicating with animals since 1997. In 2007 she moved to Montana where her business expanded to human spiritual growth.

Sessions with Karen encompass an intuited eclectic mix of spiritually guided resonances. Trust in self, trust in others, and ultimately trust in Source are explored. All aspects of an individual being, whether human or animal, are supported in the reintegration of trust process.

Karen intuitively reads the complex relationship created within, and how one is in relation to their surroundings, what creates it, what supports it. She gently guides individuals through the complex maze of 3rd dimensionally created illusions to 5th dimensional unity consciousness and clarity and healing.

Karen Nowak is the co-founder of Source Resonance Healing™.


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