About Events

PetCommunicators.net was created to help connect pet enthusiasts with Pet Communicators and Animal Communication Training Events. Our goal is to make finding Pet Communicators who conduct training and workshops easier to find. We also want to help Pet Communicators who do this type of training get the word out.

Event Categories

We have several categories for Events. Here’s a quick description of each category to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

In-Person Animal Communication Training

These are workshops that are in-person or face to face training sessions. They are usually held at a training center or some training facility.

Tele-Seminar Animal Communication Training

These are training sessions that are conducted over the telephone in a conference call setting. Other training modalities may be included like video and online reading materials. But the actual training is conducted over the phone.

Online Only Animal Communication Training

These training programs are completely online with no personal interaction. These are self directed programs that are offered on going with no start and end date. These are Home Study Courses.

Coaching for Animal Communicators

These are usually ongoing coaching programs for people who have already attended an Animal Communication Training program or for existing Animal Communicators. They could be one-on-one Coaching or group Coaching.

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